A poem: “Dear Self”


Dear self,

Believe in yourself!

In the splendor of your beauty

You’re a flame.

Your beauty is fire,

It gives warmth to the soul.

Dear self,

Believe in yourself!

You’re not the words they whisper.

There’s magic in your beauty,

Your voice is the sound of a roaring sea,

The rays of light from your eyes speak innocence,

The door way to your heart is pure.

Your beauty is magical.

There’s no veil yet unseen

That can blind this beauty from you.

Dear self,

Embrace your self!

Let your crown sit fit

On you

Like the queen you are.

You’re a constellation of lights!

Your beauty grows exponentially 

And blossoms like a flower in the garden.

It glows like a new born

And spreads like a wild fire.

Dear self,

Own your beauty!

You’re perfectly molded 

And eternally loved.

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