Five Pieces of Advice for Every Undergraduate and Graduate


The career journey of a graduate can be overwhelming; most especially when you’re not certain of a career path. On my career journey, I’ve realized that experienced professionals have a lot of advice to give, especially HR professionals. Truth is, there isn’t any advice like the one you give yourself. You make the decisions, they can only advice.

 There are graduates with stories, real stories that bestowed on them knowledge from their many experiences (failures and successes). It’s just alike for every three in five graduates.

Personally, I think that every graduate has a responsibility to take ownership of their career journey and discover new experiences on the ride. It’s acceptable to rise after a fall.

Here, I have compiled five pieces of advice for new graduates that they should take seriously. I really suggest that everyone; undergraduates inclusive should also read them. I gave myself some of these pieces of advice as a result of my experience as a confused graduate.

  1. Discover yourself

For some, they are enlightened on who they are already before graduation. For others, it’s a different game. They start to discover who they really are right after school. It’s a different journey for everyone.

The most part of your days or maybe years are spent at work. If you’re on a role that steals your happiness, you might remain an unhappy being as the years go. Is that really what it is? Consider your career journey as a route to learn about yourself. Discover what you’re good at, what you love to do or hate to do, what makes you unique and your strengths/ weaknesses. Discover your “why,” this will guide you to a happier life.

2. Embrace change

Have you read the life changing book “Who moved my cheese?” The author uses story telling to spread the message of “change.”

As a graduate, you should be susceptible to change. This change can be in different forms, it could be a career change, job change, people change, etc but be open to change.

Sometimes, the dream job doesn’t come at the time you want but don’t get discouraged, have your eyes open for new opportunities.

3. Be patient

Patience is a must-have virtue for every graduate. Too often, we put pressure on ourselves to meet our goals and even surpass them. When it isn’t working, we get too impatient and believe the lie that things won’t get better.

Be patient about your career. Don’t rush yourself. Everything will fall into place. It won’t be easy, but patience will help you stay sane.

4. Network! Network! Network!

Your network is an asset. People make up your network, not animals. It’s hard to survive as a graduate without people in your network. People who can help you become the person you are meant to be.

Attend conferences, trainings, volunteer, etc. Make yourself available and useful, this is one way to build and keep a network.


5. Learn from your experience

Life doesn’t just happen, we also happen to life. Every experience is another opportunity to learn. Pay attention when things go well and extra attention when they don’t. Be the person who face problems with solutions.

Develop new skills while you prepare for the future.  Never give up on yourself.

Success isn’t a one-day arrival, same with your career. My experiences have taught me lessons and if you would listen, pay attention to these pieces of advice.