It Was Just A Feeling; But I’m Back.

“Never give up. 
It’s like breathing—once you quit, your flame dies letting total darkness extinguish every last gasp of hope. You can’t do that. You must continue taking in even the shallowest of breaths, continue putting forth even the smallest of efforts to sustain your dreams. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich

“Each mistake teaches you something new about yourself. There is no failure, remember, except in no longer trying. It is the courage to continue that counts.” 
― Chris Bradford

For a long time, I hid some thoughts in my heart for fear of being tagged “Confused.” I never loved to be perceived as a confused daddy’s girl.

Hey reader,

My name is Okoro Yvonne (I get a whole lot of different reactions when I say my name because of the actress with same name). Growing up, I loved talking; I actually still do. It has improved my love for communications and everything I do revolves around talking.

I’m an ambivert, a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality. I have a control of myself in both personalities.  Too often, my friends call me “Weirdo.” My sisters even think I’m weird, it’s a good thing I guess.

I don’t have a tons of friends. I’m cool with the few friends in my circle because they’ve proven to be true. That’s the beauty of friendship.

I’ve been so many things in my little life spent already. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. The experiences in my life are presents to me; both good and bad. Slightly correct, I’ve been a confused girl ever since I graduated from the university at least it’s one truth my family can attest to. I’ve been confused about my career, my relationships, and myself. I get the vibes when people say “Oh Yvonne, you’re just on a journey to BECOMING.” I believe now but with a better understanding as I get to better understand my journey.

For some few months, I was a blogger. I got into the blogosphere as a novice. I knew nothing about a niche or blog audience, I started a blog because I got bored waiting for NYSC. I enjoyed blogging, every bit of it. I enjoyed communicating and interacting with other bloggers both within and outside Nigeria.

I had a tons of feelings. I felt that my blog didn’t have a niche and my content wasn’t streamlined to a particular audience. I just wanted to blog about my introverted and extroverted life (lol). This was the one thought that dominated my heart. I felt I wasn’t good enough like other bloggers. For real, I had friends who believed in my blog.

Ever since I left blogging, I had always felt a vacuum in my heart. I wanted to do this thing but I guess I wasn’t doing it right.

Today, you’re on this blog because I listened to my heart. I’ve chosen to trash this fear of coming back to the blogosphere since I already lost a touch of the other bloggers. I‘ve had to interrogate myself countless times “Yvonne, how will you connect with these bloggers again?” Well, the good thing is that I’m back.

Like the quotes in the start of this post, I’ll continue putting forth even the smallest of efforts to sustain my dreams and never give up. I’ve chosen to keep trying. Hence, my trip back to the blogging world.

So, I’ve gained momentum to disregard the thought that I’m not good enough as a blogger. Unlike the first, this blog has a niche and beyond being a blog, it’s a platform to express my heart.

The aim of this blog is to interact with, educate and inspire people. The more focus is on Education (a field I’m passionate about) and Lifestyle (I love to document my experiences).

I am excited to share every knowledge and experience with you.

Thank you for believing in me.

Welcome to my blog!