Journey to The Unknown Career Path.

This is the story of a young lady named Michelle. There’s a
magical feeling spawned when you read till the end and a lesson
to learn; maybe just what you need right now.

The year I was born, my father got a job offer as an accountant in a big firm in Lagos. He had always dreamt of working in “that”
company and luckily, it became a reality. My parents had waited
years before they had me and so, my birth ceremony was quite
big and father spent lavishly because he was sure of a piggy
salary at the end of the month.

I grew up in wealth, attended expensive and well-structured
schools until father died in my second year as an undergraduate. I
was devastated and nothing seemed to make any sense to me. It was no longer a life with the slice of heaven, it became slices of hell as I could no longer live a life of comfort. Father saved some money in the bank for me but not enough to sustain me for a long time. I was in my fourth year at university when I started my business. I sold accessories and shoes because I was fascinated by them and this lasted for a while until my graduation from university.

I had become a tough lady with thick skin to survive the strokes of life. I never envisioned that father would leave me someday to
face the challenges of life alone, but his departure built me to
become strong.

Father had always wished for me to practice Medicine but my university offered me Biochemistry. I didn’t love the department but I had to go because father felt it wasn’t a bad idea. For four years, I wasn’t sure of the career path I’d love to trail and I wasn’t bothered. Two years after NYSC, it dawned on me that there’s a
huge difference between a “career” and a “job.” I had taken different jobs and it was time to choose a career path. I was lost and drowning in confusion. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I had a
passion or maybe it died and was buried. I didn’t want my course of study to determine my career path too.

One day, in my worrisome state; I reached out to a top Human
Resource Manager in a reputable firm on LinkedIn. After a brief conversation, he chose to have a meeting with me. I went to his office and without doubt, he was a God-sent to help me on this journey as he guided me in making the right career choice. I
started an internship at a radio station two years after graduation
and I discovered a passion for ‘talking.’ I took certification courses and well, I trained as a coach and begun my journey in coaching people. I became a LIFE COACH and a RADIO GEEK. I had a
clear vision of the things I wanted to achieve through my career;
each day gives me an opportunity to achieve this vision.

Sometimes, as fresh graduates; we always want to see the end of a road before taking the walk. We have failed to understand that a
career is an everyday journey and it’s okay to get lost just in a bid
to discover yourself. It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than
others to figure out a career, I advise that you take this walk; and I
hope you find your path despite the different roads echoing your