Key Points on “Utilizing LinkedIn in Building a Personal Brand.”

Are you on LinkedIn? How has the platform helped in  your career growth? 

In this post, I’ll be sharing key points from the class held for members of the Dear Graduate Community on the topic “Utilizing LinkedIn in Building a Personal Brand.” The class was facilitated by Blessing Adogame, one of the top voices on LinkedIn as a LinkedIn campus editor. 

In the class, she addressed the topic by teaching on the meaning of personal brand and ways to build a personal brand on LinkedIn. Here’s a summary:

What is a Personal Brand?

This is what people think about you when they hear your name. 

One way to go about this is by asking your friends or people to tell you what words come to their minds when they hear about you. You can analyze these adjectives and see if they fit into the brand you’re.

How do you establish a personal brand?

Build a personal brand by talking about what you love and are passionate about. Personal brand is about who you are and how you want people to see you. 


You have to be your authentic self through the story you create and content you share. Everyone has a story and you have to be true to yourself when conveying it. 

Two people cannot have the same personal brand

 You have your story, experiences, background and it’s your uniqueness in sharing them that sums up your brand. 

“It’s less about who you know and what you know but more about who knows you and what they know about you.”

Three ways to establish your personal brand on LinkedIn through content creation.

1. Articles: When you write articles on LinkedIn about your experiences, interests or stories, people are informed about you. Blessing Adogame loves to talk about women in tech and also share her story on LinkedIn. The articles can either be short or long.

2. Text posts: These are messages or posts you share on LinkedIn (word limit).  You need to ask yourself the kind of content you want to share and put a voice to it. 

One thing that scares people is the fear that people will not like or engage with their posts. The truth is, consistency. Just keep posting.

“Tell your story, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is. You never know who can resonate with it or what opportunities can come from it and who you can inspire. 

3. Videos: This is one of the easiest ways for content visibility. It has a larger reach than text. Create video contents on the topics you love to talk about or anything you’re passionate about. You never know who is watching.

You can use these mediums to talk about your different interests.

“You can build a network on LinkedIn by connecting with people within and outside your area.”

How do you reach out to people on LinkedIn? (Professionals and Recruiters)

When reaching out to recruiters/ professionals on LinkedIn, look through their recent activity, posts, articles, videos and experiences. Pick out key things that stand out / resonate with you and start a conversation from there. This way you’re able to also share your story, learn about them and create the foundation to what may be a one lasting relationship.

“Be specific when you want to experience start a conversation with someone on LinkedIn. Look through their profile and pick out key pieces of information that resonate with you- then start talking. Don’t start with a “Hi, how are you.”

Other points:

– Use what you have to showcase your talents and share your voice with the world. Start now!

– Document your story. People love to learn from the experiences of others before their accomplishments.

– Find ways you can be creative in conveying your message on LinkedIn.

– When building your personal brand you never know who really is watching even if they don’t like or comment on your posts.

– Don’t be comfortable in creating one kind of content. You can share your story from a different perspective, collaborate with other people and find new ways to push out content.

– In building your personal brand, you fail and you also learn.

“Don’t force a personal brand.  You only put as much out there as you want people to know about you. Be self aware. Do what you’re okay with doing.”


Classes hold online every two weeks on the “Dear Graduate Community.“ To be a member of the community, kindly send an email to: with your full name, phone number and a request message to join the community.