On Reflection: April

I intended to write a different post today. It wasn’t meant to be this but I actually realized it’s been a while since I wrote about my life on the blog. I’ve been creating career related content for the most part of this blog. I chose to break the ice today. Lol.

These past few months have been quite unusual. I’ve had more lessons in all aspects of my life (spirituality, career, love, finance and life). As a habit, I do a daily reflection on each day. I love to playback the day and think about all the activities that happened. It’s a daily routine for me, I do it consciously or subconsciously before I go to bed. Well, this blog post is a reflection on these few months, the lessons I have learned.


I attend a church where the true gospel is preached without trickery or heresy. The light of God’s word is revealed, and I look forward to Sunday services.

  • I tell God my worries. I remind myself of his promises rather than my fears because I understand that he’s a loving father.
  • Consciously aware that Joy is a fruit of my Spirit and that my Joy isn’t dependent on material things.
  • Faith in the operation of God. 1Pter 1:8 “Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, (NNV).”

How weird? I don’t really start a conversation anymore with church members after church. I just leave immediately.


Growing the “Dear Graduate Community” hasn’t been rosy, I almost gave up. The intention has always been to share lessons from my experiences to prevent other undergraduates and graduates from same mistakes.

  • Consistent in building the “Dear Graduate Community.” Despite days when I feel unmotivated, I still put out content. Two recruiters reached out to me with the good news that some members of the community attended interviews with their companies.
  • This one thing I have learned is probably one great consolation I have right now. On my current job, I’m learning “emotional intelligence.” I’m a very emotional lady and this has affected me a lot on my career journey. However, I’m learning to be aware of my emotions and take control of where it leads.
  • Despite being on the journey of “Fulfilment,” I still help others on their career journey.
  • Never allowing my career to steal my joy! This is a battle.
  • Stability is hard. I’m learning.
  • What’s the whole fulfillment of a job about? I’m still figuring this out.


I understand that love is sacrificial. Before I knew God for myself, my father was the first picture of love I knew. He could sacrifice his life for us.

I understand that love is a decision. You choose to love whom you want to love. However, let your heart be full of love for all. These past months have been about:

  • Learning to consciously love. I’m learning to show love to people even when it doesn’t sit so well with me. Love is sacrificial, and not sacrifices are intended.
  • Some people love this minute and the next minute, they hate. You can’t even stand to talk with them. This doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it means they’re not totally honest with their love.
  • Stay sane! Love will find you. I have always believed this and yes, love definitely will.
  • To love as Christ loves the church. Not as the world does.


On the 4th of this month made it two years I completed NYSC. I had a reflection on same day and I cried. It wasn’t the reality I wanted; I had always wanted more. Someday, I’ll smile again when I reflect.

  • Less idea on how money works. It’s my intention to enroll for Subomi’s class on finance and investment.
  • Extra work hours (weekends) in order to make extra income. Not been easy.
  • Not close to my financial targets for the year, I’m still working on this.


Every day, I’m reminded that life is a journey. Some uncertainties happen, but we keep moving.

  • I lost a classmate and friend. For two nights, I was in pain. It still feels surreal. Every moment matters with friends.
  • No rash decisions. I must pray, think and do. No more rash decisions.
  • I have decided within my heart that the people who are meant to stay in life will stay, and I do not have to cry when people leave.
  • Dwell on the happy moments.

Do you engage in a daily reflection? What have you learned these past months? What decisions do you make when you reflect?

See you in my next blog post.