The Magic Of Being A Teacher.

“Teaching is more than a job, it’s magic!”

Hello readers,

Do you realize that there’s a magic behind teaching? Teachers aren’t just mere low-income earners who blind their eyes to other high paying career, they aren’t confused individuals who decided to settle for teaching children and teenagers whether in a classroom or an open space.

When I chose to embrace teaching, I had thought to give it a try. I remember my university days when I dreamed of being a lecturer who would have students admire her. I dreamed of this for long years. Upon completion of NYSC, I forgot about this dream and hopped on the queue of individuals trying to get jobs in other industry else education. 

After some experiences, I finally embraced this interest alongside other interests. I faced towards merging my interests. I started a teaching job in a school in Lagos as a teacher in the grade 1 class. The kids were between age range 5-6 years, and it’s an experience I treasure in my heart.

Meet my kids.

Learning about how to manage other people’s children and teaching them subjects in class was first a challenge that scared me. I thought to myself several times to teach kids in the upper class but well, I never did. I stayed in the lower grade class. Sincerely, teaching isn’t an easy job, it’s the sense of fulfilment that keeps teachers on the move.

It feels good that I can make a difference in the lives of children. Teaching is beyond a job or a paycheck, it’s a calling. This calling provides the opportunity to watch students grow and develop intellectually teaching them new concepts and ideas that’ll guide them in living. There are days I smile and days when I cry in my heart, teaching is hard work. No lies.

As a teacher, I’ve realized that despite the difference in ages, all students whether children or teenagers are full of curiosity and the ability to be great.

Teachers are influencers. We influence the children we teach, and they subconsciously learn from us. This is the reason parents need to enroll their children in good schools with a trusted administration. Good teachers promote their students and help them be at their best always.

It is rewarding to nurture lives, impact knowledge and express emotions with these kids. The excitement of teaching and the willingness to learn is the drive that keeps me on my job. I push my students to learn relentlessly and make them own their learning by giving them tasks to do independently.

For me, I want to be known as a teacher who loves. One who earned the trust of her students, one who made a difference in the lives of her students, one who is helpful, caring and inspiring.

Currently, I work in the communications space and I also teach English. It’s on my plans to have my post graduate in Education (PGDE).

Do you teach? How’s your experience as a teacher? Let me know.

One of those tiring days with books to mark (tears).

Through my blog, I’lll share educational contents relatable to both parents and other teachers.